There are plenty of things that need to be kept in mind while designing ‘the perfect vacation rental website’. However, certain key factors do determine how a website might perform on the search engine ranking page. It would also determine to what degree is the website user friendly.

Before we go ahead and discuss the various things that we can incorporate in a vacation rental website, let’s understand why a vacation rental property owner is on the losing end if he/she doesn’t have a dedicated website for the property.

Most of The Vocational Rental Property Owners Do The Following in Order to Increase Their Visibility Online:

1. They list their property on a listing website which charges a commission for every booking made through them. Here, the listing websites may increase the fees or the commission that they charge, or they might even change the ranking algorithms overnight affecting your visibility.

2. They rely on Craiglist or Facebook in order to generate leads and these platforms which are generally attractive reserve certain functionalities only for those who are prepared to pay the highest pay-per-click.

One of the common things in both the above cases is that, by following the above methods, the vacation rental property owners are not in control; especially when it comes to generating potential leads or earning money from these leads. One way of increasing the grip or the control of the vacation property owners over the flow of lead generation and the money earned through them is by having a dedicated website for the property with booking and instant enquiry functionality.

Why Should a Vacation Rental Property Owner Have a Dedicated Website for the Business?

The learning outcome from the two cases discussed above is that, vacation rental marketing is all about having control over the flow of leads generation and the money earned from each booking. By having a dedicated website, the vacation property owners would have the leverage to tap the entire amount that is earned from the customer. This is because the website would have a payment gateway which will allow the users to make direct payments through the website while they book the selected vacation rental property.

So, the basic reason behind having such a website is that the owner of the vacation rental property will not have to pay commissions or any kind of fees to the listing websites or any third party websites.

How Should You Go About Designing A Dedicated Website for your Property?

There is an elaborated list of things that can be done in order to design the perfect website for your vacation rental property. Remember, building a dedicated website for your property will ensure greater levels of visibility online given the fact that you optimize the website for various search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Five Components of a Successful Vacation Rental Website

1. Choosing the right domain name (URL):

Domain name is the URL of the website; you can also call it the name of your website. It is very important that you have the right domain name which could be a keyword relevant for your business such that there are higher search volumes for it on various search engines.
Let’s understand this with the help of an example:


In the domain name above there is a popular keyword ‘Panama City Beach’ stuffed to it. This might increase the possibility of this website to make it to the top searches on Google for the keyword ‘Panama City Beach’.

2. Have a Great Background Picture on the Homepage:

vacation rental website design home page

One of the most attractive aspects of a vacation rental property website is having spectacular images on the home page. It is also said that, a great picture on the homepage is worth a 1000 words, which is very true.

3. Call-to-Action:

The reason why we intend to develop a vacation rental property website is to market the property such that the conversion rates increase by leaps and bounds. Now, this can be done by having a call-to-action button on the various landing pages of the website. A call-to-action button in marketing terms is an instant instruction for the viewers to provoke an instant response. Let’s understand the concept of a call-to-action with the help of this brilliant example.

call-to-action in Vacation rental website
In the website Perfect vacation houses dot com (above) there is an Book Now button which is judiciously placed besides the image of the vacation rental property. This button enables the user to receive an instant quote with regards to the property. We can consider this as a perfect example of call-to-action as it provokes the user to take one step closer to book the property.
4. Create a Blog:

blog section in Property rental websites
A blog is one of the most important aspects of any vacation rental property website. It helps to provide more information regarding the surrounding places of the property. An informative blog is an excellent marketing tool and has a great deal of potential to draw more traffic (visitors) to the website.

5. Create a Responsive Design:

A responsive design relates to creating a website which is compatible with any given device be it a desktop or a mobile phone. A perfectly developed website which features a responsive design portrays images in both portrait and landscape size as per the device it is opened on.

Mobile Friendly and responsive web design

In the illustrative screen grab mentioned above, we have both the desktop version and the mobile version of Perfect Vacation Houses dot com. As you can see, the navigation system and the images of the website automatically changes as per the device depicting the characteristics of the responsive design of the website.  A website featuring responsive design also improves the page speed (the loading time of each webpage) by leaps and bounds.


Things to Keep in Mind While Designing a Vacation Rentals Website
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Things to Keep in Mind While Designing a Vacation Rentals Website
Important things that need to be kept in mind while designing ‘the perfect vacation rental website’ for your Property and key factors which determine user-friendliness of the website and ranking ability in search engine.
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