No one better understands the value of audience engagement than a marketer. As a marketing professional, you keep trying to establish a community through social media marketing and quality content. Enhance your skill and keep in touch with the target users by means of varied formulas – maintain great rapport by nurturing relationships, giving way to build new ones and offering quick response to feedback’s.

Whatever you do if you do it little emotionally or add a personal touch, enticing more people and building a huge fan base looks pretty easier. There is no denying the fact that quality matters. Quality products or services are being offered by many, but they are not easily picked up by the mass. What binds you and your target audience is the emotion. Here’s how you can have an emotional relationship and augment visitors for your personal websites like never before.

Prolong and Deep Interaction (Direct Communication):

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Yeah, it takes a lot to build a massive fan base. Since you have put so much effort in building the most trusted and wonderful customer base for your business, you just can’t afford to lose even a single fan, which will ultimately break the momentum. Maintain a great rapport; maintain a voice for your brand. Appeal the mass and create an environment as if you are sitting across on a table and have direct interaction. Customers get pampered.

Creating Unique Insights:

Keep a track on what your competitors are up to and try and not to emulate what they have been doing. Instead, give your customers something unique, different and unbeatable services that will eventually guide your audience towards you. Making happy clients help you spread the word of business. Generate new ideas (and it should not resemble to your competitors’ way of doing business), let customers feel more value for your products and you will see growth.

Intrigue Customers by Posing Interesting Questions:

Entice your customers to comment, give feedback’s and share thoughts about your services and products. Ask them interesting questions or find out a hot topic that you think they would show immense excitement – this way they will be engaged and spend some time on the website. Remember that you motivate them for a healthy debate. New topics will come up as the conversation grows. Make a habit to read comments of your customers and be an active participant. This section is called forum or the question and answer zone where customers as well as marketers are completely engrossed.

Not many business owners and marketers are aware of this trick. This is going to be proved fruitful in the long term.

Add Humor, Show Compassion and Great Understanding:


When ‘emotion’ is the ultimate weapon or the string to keep audience engaged, you just can’t take it for granted. Emotions are powerful. Hence, always believe in putting some interesting stuff, not in terms of products or services, but by making catchy lines and showing great understanding. Create a blog section where you can share your innovative ideas in a humorous way.


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