Internet marketing can be a highly misleading field of business. A concept or philosophy which works for one company might backfire for another. The decision makers and the (SEO) professionals have to figure out the strategy which works for them and not just borrow something which worked for their rivals and focus accordingly in that respect.

Most websites wish to feature on top of Google’s search results as it a well-known fact that traffic from search engines usually amount a huge chunk of positive leads for their businesses.

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Harping on this fact, certain small websites/micro-sites using inbound link profiles, wrapping, relays, multiple sites, key-phrase filling and numerous other methods of spamming used to figure on top of the search results. But now with the implementation of the new Panda algorithm of Google things have started to change rapidly and the concept of “Content is king” has started to emerge. Websites with better content are now found to be ruling the roost. This brings into picture the much neglected but highly effective organic search engine optimization or basically the unpaid, algorithm-driven search results of a particular search engine. It can also be defined as the content-based approach which has assumed greater importance in recent times. However, care must be taken that the content of the website is made better and refined in regular intervals and website’s SEO efforts are continued to be carried out.

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Websites in recent times have foregone the utility of good content and have resorted to flashy websites which are good to look and have invested in paid search using Adwords, by just incorporating basic keywords which help them to feature on top of the search engine results. This may be legally right in a sense, but in a fair world, this is in fact cheating the user/visitor who is searching for quality information on the web. After visiting the website once, the user may not return again as his purpose is not served in the first place.

However organic SEO can be deemed more beneficial as it based on the good quality of content of the website rather than exploiting the technical loopholes of the web. Consequently, it ensures that the visitor keeps coming back for a repeat visit which would result in a purchase as well. Another disadvantage with paid ads is that, once you stop paying for the ads, the search engine listings stop at once and traffic records a sharp decline.

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All said and done, the paid schemes will undoubtedly bring in more traffic and positive results much faster than an organic search, but in the long run the latter would out-run the former definitely. AdWords and inorganic search can be highly effective for smaller organizations which are looking to bare their teeth into a new market but for established players who can bide their time and wait for a long drawn but greater return on investment, organic SEO should be able to work for them.

Can Organic SEO Be Beneficial to Your Company?
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Can Organic SEO Be Beneficial to Your Company?
Organic SEO can be deemed more beneficial as it based on the good quality of content of the website rather than exploiting the technical loopholes of the web.
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