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John is your Rahul Dravid when it comes to creating strategies for social media, content and creative concepts for websites. With decades of experience in online marketing for personal websites, John heads a team of professionals who design, market and generate leads for entrepreneurs all over the world. His innovative working techniques attract clients, sell products and boost business.


How Vital is Social Media Engagement Rate?


It is a well-known fact that a particular product or brand should not depend on only one metric to gauge their social media performance. With rise in competition, each and every measurable tool has been employed by these companies to come to terms…


Improve User Experience from Risking Losing Visitors!


Do you have a blogger website? Are you noticing a steady decline in web traffic over the past few days? Then your blog site needs a definite revamp. It must be noted that visitors do not just come to your website just because…


Why It Is Time to Create Personal Website?


Have you ever wondered how the old school friend who once was running a store in the neighborhood is making huge revenues these days? And what made Mr. Jones to start his business from the best comfort of his home? The thing is…


Facebook’s New News Feed Relevance to Your Marketing Strategy

On 7th March 2013 Facebook announced a major change in News Feeds till date and calling it “best personalized newspaper in the world.” Thus it became important to a look as to how this change will and have affected social media marketers. Also,…