Isn’t it a very valid question – are there a plethora of social media networks operating around us? Sure it is. You would be amazed to know how many social media sites that we have been using for each of our specific need and requirement. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, etc. and the question and answer; does the list ever end?

Google Plus

It has been observed that people tend to spend a significant chunk of time drifting from one social media network to the other; this ultimately reduces the involvement time in each site. While it is humanely impossible to maintain an active participation in multiple sites, some have been found to do virtually the impossible and i.e. balancing their usage rather than ditching one network for the other. This unhealthy competition wherein too many social media networks are vying for the user’s attention is extremely distracting to say the least. linkedin-logoAn average social media user has two accounts based on his requirements and preferences, while some are restricted only to a single community site. Most use social media networks to remain in touch with their friends and colleagues, but a certain number of users are driven to these sites to get to know new people with similar interests and tastes, and to have a fresh ideology far away from the tugs of any past distasteful baggage or relationships.  While Facebook is more tilted towards bringing people together, other sites like Twitter are more akin to having a huge market assembly of new unique ideas, followers and groups, basically driven by common interests.


Facebook has its huge share of advantages as well. Most social networks such as LinkedIn and Twitter require their users to build their networks unlike Facebook which readily provides a circle of your friends who are already registered with Facebook. But then there is a section of youngsters which complain that there is way too much “action and drama” on Facebook and can be over bearing at times. Time is another major constraint faced by users towards being active on multiple social media networks and ample care must be taken to ensure that social media burnout might not occur.



Even personal websites are finding it difficult to maintain omnipresence across all networks and there is a growing feeling now that the time is rife to start pruning and to pick and choose only those platforms which suits your organisation the best. Networks such as Pinterest and Instagram can prove to be a great help to those who are in need of choices and options in only specific industries and so is the case with Facebook and Twitter as well.


It boils down eventually to the selective users who have been associated with only one social network sites and to be very frank those are the ones who are satisfied and are the happiest.